Factory Tour

Production Workshop - Mold Department

The company introduces all kinds of advanced equipment at home and abroad. The mold department has high-speed CNC, gantry CNC, electric spark (EDM), slow wire (WEDM), medium wire (WEDM), clamping machine, deep hole drilling, engraving machine and More than 50 other special equipment. At present, the mold accuracy has been controlled at ±0.02mm-±0.03mm.

In mold production, we fully implement computer aided (CAD/CAM/CAE). Continuously drawing on the advanced technology of the international mold industry, the company’s die-casting mold design and manufacturing of high-air-tight products are in a leading position in the domestic industry.

Production Workshop - Die Casting Department

Tonnage: 160T, 280T, 400T, 500T, 630T, 800T, 1250, 1600T automatic cold chamber die casting machine. 88T, 160T hot chamber die casting machine. Efficient and clean concentrated melting furnace, suitable for simultaneous production of various types of aluminum alloy.

We continue to provide high-precision die-casting products to our customers with proven manufacturing experience and technology, controlled and stable manufacturing processes.

Production Workshop - Equipment

Provide customers with more comprehensive value-added services! The finishing department currently has more than 20 high-precision CNC machining centers and CNC machine tools with complete and different specifications. It also has the functions of surface treatment, impregnation, leak pressure test and assembly production.